About Us


This beautiful 1900’s brick home in downtown Lake Geneva has been restored to pristine condition to offer its charm again as Brick & Mortar Home. This home design store opened in July 2009 and has continued to set an example of style, quality and personality. This ever changing store keeps even the most regular customers intrigued with ideas. Your everyday needs for your home, inside and out, can be acquired in just one exclusive visit to Brick & Mortar. All can be found from bedding to sofas and tables to trinkets. An eclectic ar- rangement of frames, candles and work of local artisans will excite anyone. The wide range of styles and prices will provoke everyone to be envious of the gift you bring to the next dinner party. Guiding you through the right choices through listening and experience, this sincere staff is only one quality you will enjoy from this fun loving team. Come in, be surprised and feel at home in Brick & Mortar Home.

At Brick & Mortar Home our mission is to bring you an eclec- tic mix of quality, texture and warmth to fill your home with. Gratitude and humility are some of the best qualities we can give you in helping make your house a home.

Design Services

Designing a style into your home is a joy for Brick & Mortar Home. Playing off the enthusiasm of “pulling it together” will be a joy for any client, no matter the frustrations prior. We will assist you through your home or in store consultations. Managing your style through color selections, accessorizing or space planning comes easy for this team. Our large selections of special order sofas to wall art will be a synch for any buyer. Offering more than what’s viewed in the store provides you, as a client, with more options, impacting style and success to higher expectations. We can assist you no matter what stage you are in of home designing from fabric selections for upholstery and bedding ensembles, space planning with new and existing furniture, floor and wall cover- ings, fixtures, and accessories.

Amber Cook

The girl you can tell could be your best friend. Serious when needed, always engaging, armed with a great deal of knowledge for the business. As Team Brick & Mortar Home’s “General Manager”, overseeing both stores, Amber also heads up the designers, manages the store and works full time with owner, Kathy George acquiring the exciting, eclectic mix of merchandise that’s offered. A seasoned expert in interior design and home furnishings, Amber’s passion for sustainable, beautiful living has pervaded the store since its inception. Her consummate sense of style and extensive knowledge about product are the key to her ability to integrate customers’ tastes into comfortable and inviting spaces they will love. Amber also manages her own home filled with three young children, so not only can she help you create a gorgeous space, she will be mindful of function and priorities as she does every day in her own home. Amber holds a degree in Business Management from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

Monika Borowski

The doer, facilitating every move on the floor and coordinating with Amber and the rest of the staff in creating the beautiful vignettes’ you find when you walk through our doors. Monika has been on board since 2011 and has grown as the Assistant Manager into the manager of the Geneva Street store. Monika has a great eye that’s all her own, as evidenced by the gracious ambience she helps create in our store. She’ll help you make big changes with furniture, add fun accessories or refresh walls and lighting. She’s great at cording all the design elements needed to create the look you’re after. One of Monika’s biggest strengths is her vision for space and the ability to place furniture in all the right spaces, from rustic charm to sophisticated elegance she can rejuvenate your space by incorporating contemporary items or a touch of whimsy alongside your most treasured pieces.

Kathy George

The Visionary behind the scenes, Kathy and husband Thomas have created this wonderful concept in rehabbing the “old house” and turning it into one of Lake Geneva’s finest Home Furnishing and gifts stores. Kathy graduated in 1983 from the International Academy of Design Ltd in Chicago. Her passion was in Fashion Merchandising and in the course of working in the clothing business met and married Thomas George. Given her love of retail and ability to merchandise she is a natural at putting things together. Kathy has redone not only this store but also three homes of her personal and a beautiful guest -house and Frank Lloyd Wright home on Lake Delavan. Working to expand Brick & Mortar Home in 2014, Kathy and Thomas will work closely with the Team to create the Lake Geneva’s only Downtown 10,000 sq foot Home and Outdoor Furniture store which will be located at 222 Center Street (across from Starbucks).

Sylvia Strehlow

The classic designer, great taste, color coordinated, texture sensitive and elegant in translation, Sylvia can utilize her love of fashion and work on the runways to help transform your home. A native to Lake Geneva, she studied architecture at Harrington College of Design in Chicago and has worked as a design consultant for projects including custom-built lakefront properties, high-rise condominiums and family estates. Joining the Brick & Mortar Team in Summer of 2013, Sylvia has made a great impression and will be happy to assist you in your transformation of your home.

Gail Koehling

Everybody’s everybody…the one to call when you’re stuck. A veteran member of the Brick & Mortar Team, Gail is the glue that helps focuses us all on our goals. Gail will dig deep into the treasures of the “old house” to help you find the perfect item you seek to make your hunt the most fun experience, even finding something you did not know you needed! Her upbringing in rural Washington, Ohio led to her passion in gardening and raising her family. When she’s not lending her talents to helping customers, she is a Professor at Northern Illinois University. Gail graduated from Malone University in Canton, OH and now lives in Lake Geneva.

Lynnette Katzenberg

Joined us in 2012 when Brick & Mortar Home Design Team plus Amber’s extra hands weren’t enough to manage the growing business. A city girl born and raised in Chicago, Lynnette designed and oversaw the building of two homes in Lake Geneva, where she now lives with her husband and son. Her urban background meshes with a local sensibility to bring a passion for incorporating reclaimed pieces with more contemporary ones, which she’ll use to help you select from our beautiful accessories to enrich and complete any room in your home. Once you’re done giving yourself the enduring gift of enhancing your living space, Lynnette is on hand to help you select great gifts for others, too!