About Us

This beautiful 1900’s brick home in downtown Lake Geneva has been restored to pristine condition to offer its charm again as Brick & Mortar Home. This home design store opened in July 2009 and has continued to set an example of style, quality and personality. This ever changing store keeps even the most regular customers intrigued with ideas. Your everyday needs for your home, inside and out, can be acquired in just one exclusive visit to Brick & Mortar. All can be found from bedding to sofas and tables to trinkets. An eclectic ar- rangement of frames, candles and work of local artisans will excite anyone. The wide range of styles and prices will provoke everyone to be envious of the gift you bring to the next dinner party. Guiding you through the right choices through listening and experience, this sincere staff is only one quality you will enjoy from this fun loving team. Come in, be surprised and feel at home in Brick & Mortar Home.

At Brick & Mortar Home our mission is to bring you an eclec- tic mix of quality, texture and warmth to fill your home with. Gratitude and humility are some of the best qualities we can give you in helping make your house a home.


Design Services

Designing a style into your home is a joy for Brick & Mortar Home. Playing off the enthusiasm of “pulling it together” will be a joy for any client, no matter the frustrations prior. We will assist you through your home or in store consultations. Managing your style through color selections, accessorizing or space planning comes easy for this team. Our large selections of special order sofas to wall art will be a synch for any buyer. Offering more than what’s viewed in the store provides you, as a client, with more options, impacting style and success to higher expectations. We can assist you no matter what stage you are in of home designing from fabric selections for upholstery and bedding ensembles, space planning with new and existing furniture, floor and wall cover- ings, fixtures, and accessories.

Amber Cook

Successfully opening and running Brick & Mortar is apparent through her degree from University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in Business Management. Her passion in design and beau- tiful living has been clear throughout the store since the beginning. With years of experience in interior design and home furnishings, Amber will help you create a comfortable and inviting space that you love every time you walk into the room. Customers and clients will all agree that her exceptional ability to pull a great design job together is only easier with her endless knowledge of product and style.